Dealing With Pet Allergies? Find The Culprit To Treat The Problem Naturally

If you've noticed your pet has severe allergies and you don't want them to spend the rest of their life on medication to treat the problem, you'll want to see a holistic veterinarian. A holistic veterinarian can help you control the pet's allergies, through the process of elimination and other treatments.

The allergy symptoms like skin irritations, sneezing or watering eyes your pet suffers from could come from a variety of places, so you'll want to do the following things before you make an appointment with the veterinarian, so you can cross these things off the list of possible triggers.

Your Pet Food and Treats

Choose an organic food for your pet that has no dyes or artificial flavorings. This may cost more than what you are feeding them, but it could what is causing your pets irritations. You also want to stop giving them any type of treats or table food, to help you monitor what they are eating. Keep a food log to see if they have any allergic complications after the food has been switched.

Laundry Detergents

Does your pet often lie on clothes after they come out of the dryer, or do they sleep on top of your bed? If they do the problem could be your detergent, fabric sheets or fabric softener. The pet may be rolling around on items that irritate their skin, and you want to go to a dye free option. It may take a while to cycle through all of your clothes with the new detergent, but wash the items you know they come in contact with right away.

Outdoor Triggers

Pay attention to what you come in contact with when you are outside. Some pets are allergic to grass, so it's difficult for them to run and play. Others may have reactions to certain types of plants of flowers in your yard.

Once you think you might have targeted the exact problem causing your animals issues, your veterinarian will be able to treat it. They may decide to use different oils to help prevent skin irritation, or herbs to reduce swelling and inflammation during allergic reactions. Prescriptions for pets can be very expensive, and you may not be willing to harm your pet's organs by making them take something every day. Find out what is causing the problem so you can eliminate it from their life, and find a veterinarian like one from Clayton Veterinary Associate that supports your holistic choices.