When You Might Need To Hire A Dog Walker

Dogs are great pets to have. But if you own one, you know that they do require a lot of care. Sometimes you're unable to provide the very best care for your dog and are left wondering what you can do. One solution to some of your pet's needs is hiring a dog walker. Many people don't realize the value of a dog walker. If your specific situation is in this list below, you and your dog may quickly learn the benefit of these professionals in preventing loneliness, depression, and obesity.

You Spend Much of the Day Away

If your job or school demands long hours, your dog ends up sitting at home for all those hours alone. If they're confined to a crate or unable to get outside they end up missing out on the ability to go to the bathroom or end up doing so on your carpet. Dogs, especially puppies, need to empty their bladders multiple times a day, and a dog walker provides those opportunities while you're at work or school.

Dogs also need interaction and when you're working hard for the day, your dog is isolated at home and can become lonely or depressed. A dog walker can provide much needed relief from that long stretch of alone time. Depending on the walker you choose, your dog may even get some interaction with other dogs while on its walk.

You are Elderly or Disabled

Dogs are often a long-lasting part of your family, but if you are elderly or disabled, a dog walker can be a great help to you. As you get older, it may be increasingly difficult to keep up with the high energy and demands that a dog has for movement and activity. Disability can make it somewhat complicated to take the dog for a quick stroll in the park. A dog walker can help make the process easier on you, and happier for your dog.

Your Dog Has Signs of Obesity

Walking your dog is not just a fun activity; it promotes health in your dog. Staying inside all day doesn't usually provide the kind of exercise that your dog needs, especially if it is older. A daily walk is good for your dog's heart, breathing, and muscles. Hire a dog walker if your dog is continually gaining weight and is becoming lethargic because it may be on its way to obesity.

Ask your vet for his or her recommendations on a great dog walker in your area. When you do, you'll find that your dog is happier and you can have the peace-of-mind you need when you can't provide your dog with the necessary exercise they need throughout the day.  For more information on this and other ways to keep your pet healthy, contact a professional like My Pet's Vet Clinic.