Recovery Care For Your Cat - Bringing Your Cat Home From The Animal Hospital

If your cat has been ill or recently has undergone surgery, coming home from the animal hospital needs to be handled with care. Going through a procedure at the vet's office might leave your cat tired, stressed and coming off of medication. Here are four things that you should do for your cat to help acclimate them to being back at home.

1. Make a Safe Space for Your Cat

Designate a spare room, bathroom or large closet as your cat's home base when they get home from the animal hospital. If your cat is still coming off of medication, they will need a little peace and quiet to feel better. If your cat has some healing to do, make sure that they are in a safe environment that won't tempt them to run, jump and play.

2. Go Slow With Reintroductions

Your family and other pets might be overjoyed that their family member is back at home, but your cat might need a little more time to rest up before seeing visitors. You don't want your cat to be disoriented and lash out at your child or another unsuspecting pet. Make sure that you cat is fully on the mend before assimilating them back into your family.

3. Start Small With Feeding

If your cat might not be feeling up to a full meal they don't need to push it, but make sure they are eating a little bit. Your cat should have plenty of water and their food bowl shouldn't be shared with other cats so you can monitor food intake. If you can feed your cat basic food such as boiled chicken at first, this will help their tummy if they have been ill.

4. Monitor Your Cat's Healing

You will be your cat's home doctor if there is home care involved. Make sure that all medications are administered as prescribed. If you have any questions make sure to call the vet. If you have any worries about your cat's healing process or something doesn't seem right, alert your veterinarian like one from Southwest Florida Veterinary Specialists & 24-Hour Emergency Hospital as well since it is better to be safe than sorry.

Even though cats normally are self sufficient and tend to take care of themselves, after a procedure they will be counting on you to keep them safe so that they can rest. Make sure that your family is on board to give your cat some space to heal and get readjusted.