5 Veterinary Services You Might Not Know About

You know that your local animal hospital offers veterinary services such as checkups and vaccinations. But, is that it? No way! Veterinarians are here to help your pet in more ways that you probably know. Familiarizing yourself with the lengthy list of services that your veterinary pro provides can help you to make the most of your pet's health.

What can the vet do for you and your proud pooch or cuddly kitten?

  1. Microchipping. Implanting a microchip ups the likelihood that you'll be reunited with a lost pet, according to the American Veterinary Medical Association (AMVA). Whether your cat goes outdoors, you have an inside kitty, or you have a dog that you feel is safe and secure in your fenced-in yard, a microchip allows for easy identification in the event that your precious pet escapes.
  2. Holistic medicine. You're into a natural lifestyle and chose alternative treatments for yourself. What about your furry friend? Holistic veterinary medicine is less invasive, gentle and literally looks at the 'whole' picture of your pet when it comes to treatment, according to the American Holistic Veterinary Medical Association (AHVMF). Keep in mind that not every vet offers these types of services. Some vets also offer a combination of services or alternative treatments that complement conventional medical ones. The AHVMF's website offers a "Find a Vet" search feature to locate practitioners in your area.
  3. Dental care. You go to a separate health professionals to get medical care and teeth cleaning, but your pet doesn't have to. Doggie (and cat) dentistry happens in the same place as well-visits, vaccinations and sick pet treatments. Most animal hospitals' menu of veterinary services includes dental options. This typically includes routine cleaning, tooth extraction, x-rays and repairs, notes the AMVA.
  4. Weight treatment. Roughly 25 percent of all dogs are considered obese, according to American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA). If your pooch has his own pooch (on his belly that is) or your cat is looking fat, the veterinarian can help you to put your pet on a diet or exercise routine. The vet can also evaluate your animal for underlying medical conditions that may contribute to obesity.
  5. Nail services. While some pet parents clip their cats' and dogs' nails at home, you may feel a bit anxious when it comes to your animal manicure abilities. Most vets offer this service during routine well-visits or as stand-alone procedures.

Veterinary services often go beyond the standard. Even though you can certainly get regular check-ups and problem care for your pet, the vet also provides options that range from tracking solutions to meeting nutrition needs.