Help Your Pet Save Lives By Being A Blood Donor

You know that you can donate blood and save lives. But did you know that your pet can do the same thing? There are pet blood banks that exist so that pets who are very sick or have to have surgery and need to have more blood can receive a transfusion. There aren't blood banks everywhere yet; there are vets and hospitals that are working to change that. Because of that, many veterinary hospitals have their own blood supplies or have a list of dogs and cats that they can call upon in times of need. If you are interested in having your pet be a blood donor, there are some things that you should do. 

Make Sure Your Pet's Shots Are Current

The shots are given to your pet so that they can be healthy. They protect your pet from things like rabies, parvo, FIV, and other illnesses. If your pet has any of these things, they can't donate blood to a blood bank, because they could infect the animals they are trying to help. So, you need to stay current on all over your pet's shots. You may also be not allowed to donate if your pet's shots have ever lapsed.

Make Sure Your Pet Is Calm

Not all pets are going to be good candidates to be a donor, even if they have a very rare blood type. If your pet doesn't do well with riding in a car, going to the vet, or having other people handle them, then they are not going to be a good donor. This is a safety issue. Your pet is going to have to lay quietly with an IV in their vein so that the blood can be donated.

Make Sure You Have Someone to Work With

If your pet can donate blood, you can donate through a hospital or particular vet's office. One good place to start is with your own veterinarian. They may have a program in place for donating already. If not, they may work with a blood bank or local pet hospital, like Marcum Road Animal Hospital, where you can go. That way you know that the blood is getting where it needs to go. 

If your pet were the one who was hurt and had to have surgery, you would want for there to be a source of blood for them to receive. Having your pet become a blood donor will make sure that other people's pets have the blood they need to get better.