What You Need To Know About Cat Boarding Facilities

If you are planning on going on vacation, you will first need to decide who will watch your cat. If you don't have a petsitter, you may need to put the cat in a boarding facility. Here are some things to know about pet boarding facilities to decide if this is a good option for you.

Your Cat Needs to be Vaccinated

When you start looking at different boarding facilities for your cat, you will notice that they have certain rules and restrictions. One of these rules is that your cat must be caught up on its core vaccinations. This is important as it helps to prevent the spread of certain diseases and viruses at the facility. It is a good sign if the facility has this requirement, because you know all the other pets there will also be vaccinated and healthy.

Some Facilities Have Cat Play Rooms

If you don't want your cat to remain in the kennel cage for the majority of the day, look for a boarding facility that offers a play room inside or outside for your cat. When the rooms are inside the facility, they often include a variety of toys, bowls with clean water, and litter boxes for the cats to use. Some facilities may have outdoor rooms that have grass for the cats to run and play in, but are completely secure with a fence so the cat is safe and secure inside. These play rooms are great for cats that are playful and active and want to socialize with the other cats.

There Are Some Red Flags to Keep in Mind

Before you decide on a boarding facility, you should look out for some red flags. For example, make sure the area is kept clean and maintained. You should not see soiled kennels, a lot of trash on the ground, or litter boxes that look as if they haven't been emptied in days. Also look around to see how happy the cats seem and what the staff is doing when you arrive.

You Need to be Available in Case of Emergencies

If there is a medical emergency, the boarding facility will try to take care of it at the facility, and then bring it to an animal hospital. They might also call your vet if they are local. You also need to be available just in case, as they might have to board the cat at the animal hospital until you arrive. Leave your phone turned on and have someone in town that can pick up your cat if necessary.