4 Tricks For Helping A Chubby Pup Lose Weight

Is your pup packing on the pounds? Younger dogs are usually fine with a few extra pounds on them, but once a dog becomes larger it can become very dangerous. Dogs can develop serious back issues, hip issues and other problems. Still, it can be difficult to get them to lose weight, especially if they aren't active dogs.   1. Make Them Work For It Rather than feeding your dog scheduled meals, make your dog work for a portion of its food every day. Read More 

Canine Acne: Everything Dog Owners Need To Know

Canine acne; yes, there really is such a thing. Although it likely won't cause your dog to lose its self-confidence as it would if you were dealing with acne yourself, it can be particularly bothersome for your furry friend. Canine acne is pretty common, but many pet owners don't know much about it. Keep reading to learn more about the signs and treatment options for acne in dogs as well as the dogs that are most at risk for developing canine acne, and when you need to contact your veterinarian for help. Read More 

Cat Adoption: 4 Things To Do Before Bringing Your Cat Home

If you have just adopted a cat, there are some things you need to do before you bring it home. Make sure you set up the following things in your home before carrying the cat through the front door. If everything is ready beforehand, it will be easier for the cat to adjust to the new living arrangements. 1. Designate the Cat's Space Cats need their own space in your home, so designate an area where the cat will feel comfortable and also have the opportunity to be alone. Read More 

5 Things To Know About Walking Your Dog

Your dog needs daily walks and so do you. Here are five things you should know to have an enjoyable and safe time with your canine buddy. 1. Have Your Dog Walk Beside You If you let your dog take the lead or make the decisions on the walk, some experts think that this suggests to the dog that they are the alpha leader. That means they have to take on the responsibility of leading the pack, which may consist of only you at the time. Read More 

Don’t Let Your Cat Be Bugged By Insects This Summer

As the weather turns warm, insects become more active. Whether your cat is indoors or out, they will encounter various types of insects. Many will not be a problem for your cat, but a few may require a trip to the animal hospital to get help for your kitty. Watch for these insects around your feline friend and be prepared to take action if the encounter puts your cat in harms way. Read More