Keeping A Cat Calm For An Animal Hospital Visit

Going to the animal hospital can be a vital part of your cat's health. However, these visits can sometimes be distressing to your pet when the cat isn't used to visiting the vet. Here are some things that you should do to ease your cat into an animal hospital visit. Get Your Cat Used to the Procedures One reason that a vet visit can be stressful for your cat is that the cat isn't used to having his nails clipped, being groomed, and having their paws and mouth inspected. Read More 

5 Veterinary Services You Might Not Know About

You know that your local animal hospital offers veterinary services such as checkups and vaccinations. But, is that it? No way! Veterinarians are here to help your pet in more ways that you probably know. Familiarizing yourself with the lengthy list of services that your veterinary pro provides can help you to make the most of your pet's health. What can the vet do for you and your proud pooch or cuddly kitten? Read More 

How To Keep Your Cat’s Teeth Clean

Cat mouths can have bacteria in them just like how humans can have bacteria in their mouths. These bacteria can harm a cat's teeth and gums. The most effective way to clean a cat's mouth is to take him or her to a veterinarian that is able to provide a professional cleaning service, but most pet owners don't have the time or money to take their cat to the vet for a teeth cleaning more than once or twice a year. Read More 

Recovery Care For Your Cat - Bringing Your Cat Home From The Animal Hospital

If your cat has been ill or recently has undergone surgery, coming home from the animal hospital needs to be handled with care. Going through a procedure at the vet's office might leave your cat tired, stressed and coming off of medication. Here are four things that you should do for your cat to help acclimate them to being back at home. 1. Make a Safe Space for Your Cat Read More 

4 Ways To Take The Sting Out Of Paying For Veterinary Care

You love your pet and you treat it like family, but the costs of veterinary care can sometimes be shockingly high. And unfortunately, unlike humans (who are entitled to receive life-saving medical care regardless of ability to pay), pet owners are often left to make difficult decisions when they can't afford a necessary veterinary treatment. Fortunately, though, there are always options for making veterinary care more affordable that all pet owners should be aware of. Read More